At poa Place exhibiton The indian high commisioner pays a visit to RIVATEX Managers at the factory At a board meeting with board members a showcase of some of the company's products The former president re-launch RIVATEX-2007 The indian high commisioner plants a tree at the Company Rivatex East Africa Factory Premises

Welcome to rivatex

RIVATEX EAST AFRICA LTD(REAL) is a Moi University, facility for research,product development,extension and production.It is a textile manufacturing industry that produces a wide range of products from cotton and polyester.

RIVATEX is located approximately 1.5 km from Eldoret town off Kisumu Road along Kipkaren Road.Our products are sold locally and exported to international markets.You can find our established outlets in major towns like Nairobi,Kisumu,Eldoret and Narok.


1. Maintain efficiency in production and service delivery at all times.
2. Comply with all relevant legislation, legal requirements and set procedures.
3. Attach great importance to team work and consultative approach to management.
4. Remain committed to fulfilling the company's goals and objectives and the same shall take precedence over individual interests.

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